Breathing Stone: Contemporary Haida Argillite

Breathing Stone: Contemporary Haida Argillite


by Carol Sheehan

Breathing Stone presents extraordinary new sculptures by contemporary argillite artists of Haida Gwaii- the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Breathing Stone begins with author Carol Sheehan’s introduction to Haida culture and the historical realities that have shaped this unique art form. There is also an explanation of how argillite sculpture is produced and how it can best be appreciated. Personal portraits of 15 sculptors and their work, illustrated by nearly 200 colour photographs taken in artists’ workshops, galleries, collectors’ homes and on-site in Haida Gwaii, demonstrate like nothing else the power and richness of this art form (Photography by Jack Litrell and John W. Heintz).

The artists of Breathing Stone are:

  • Sean Brennan
  • Michael Brown
  • Donnie Edenshaw
  • Shaun Edgars
  • Chris Russ
  • Gary Minaker Russ
  • Marcel Russ
  • Lionel Samuels
  • Jay Simeon
  • Robert Vogstad
  • Darrell White
  • Gryn White
  • Martin Williams
  • Cooper Wilson
  • Freddie Wilson*


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