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Haida Gwaii is on the Northwest Coast of British Columbia.  

During COVID-19, Haida Gwaii is welcoming our non-Haida Gwaii residents after the pandemic is over and our island residents feel safe from the virus.  

At this time, Haida Arts and Jewelry upholds our elders and knowledge keepers and support the Council of the Haida Nation with their request to welcome non-residents and visitors after the pandemic is over and they feel safe for our local Haida elders and knowledge keepers.  Our Haida Gwaii medical facilities can only meet the needs of our local people.  Until then, please feel free to order from our gallery via this site or call and make your order with Sarah by phone.  

We will keep the site updated as COVID-19 and Council of the Haida Nation assess the virus and how we can all be safe. 

Please feel free to contact us here on the site and check our social media pages for up-to-date products for sale.  

Haw’aa for respecting our wishes of Haida Gwaii, as we are all wanting to get through this together.

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