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Sarah Hillis

Sarah moved to Haida Gwaii and met her former husband, Claude Davidson.  They got married and both lived in the northern community of Old Massett.  Claude passed away in 1990, but the legacy of his vision is still being honoured by Sarah.  She has been operating the Gallery on her own since 1990.  She still lives in the community and supports many local artists through her gallery.  
The gallery is located in their home on beautiful Haida Gwaii, in the Northwest Coast of BC.  The gallery and home melt together as one.
In 1975, the vision of the store began with her late husband, Claude Davidson.  Claude was a Haida artist and wanted to reach their art in a new way.  Which was the first gallery of it’s kind in their community.
In the beginning, Claude Davidson’s son, Reg gave us a carved door when he first started to carve wood. We designed and built the gallery in a Haida longhouse style to have it match the beautiful door. The gallery opened in 1975. 
The artists in the gallery live in our community of Old Massett, which range from argillite, jewellers, wood carvers, weavers of both cedar and raven’s tail weaving.
The key value in the business is to support local artists.  Since it’s opening, the artists are friends and relatives. They are all of Haida ancestry and often sold some of their first pieces to sell at the gallery.
The art for sale ranges from jewelry, clothing, prints, and books.
The pricing meets many of the needs of the shoppers, where you can purchase a small gift for your friends or family, a collection piece to add to your Northwest Coast collection such as cedar weaving, cedar carvings and custom made jewelry.