Welcome to Sarah’s Haida Arts, located at 387 Eagle Ave. Old Massett BC V0T1M0. All art is for sale on the site by inquiry only. Please contact me directly at  250-626-5560  or  Toll Free: 1-888-626-5560.


Alan Weir Biography & Art

Alan Weir was born to the raven clan of Old Masset in 1981. Alan has been apprenticing with the well known Haida artist Christian White. He carves in the black slate called argilliteand wood. He also loves to paint traditional designs. He gathers and perserves food on Haida Gwaii where he has lived all of his …

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Alfred Davidson III Biography & Art

“My art explains how I feel about the different crests and how I feel inside about our culture. My ideas come to me when I am awake but I am in something similar to a dreams state. My art training was done in the traditional way of watching other artists work and then trying the …

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