The Chilkat Woven Cotton Throw Blanket – 3 Layer Throw

The Chilkat Woven Cotton Throw Blanket – 3 Layer Throw


This intricately beautiful Chilkat design has been recreated in a three layer Jacquard woven cotton throw blanket. Throw has fringes and the thickness of three layers provides weight.

The Chilkat is a reproduction of an original weaving in the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull. Originally woven from mountain goat wool and cedar bark, these blankets were the specialty of the Tlinget, whose territory was at the mouth of the Chilkat River in Alaska.

Using highly abstracted crest designs in blue, yellow, white, and black, this exceptional Chilkat blanket, was initially developed by the Tsimshian people of the same area, and bears the weaver’s interpretation of the traditional “Diving Whale” pattern.

Licensed exclusively by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. The Museum is recognized as one of the premier cultural facilities of the twentieth century, promoting a greater understanding of cultural identity, history and culture. Royalties from sales of this item go to support the development of native art and culture.

  • Size:  48” x 67”
  • Design: The Chilkat
  • Material:  100% Cotton, Jacquard Woven (3 Layers)
  • Care Instructions: Recommend dry cleaning, but can be hand washed in cold water separately. Hang to dry. Do not bleach

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