Summer Raven Scarf by Dorothy Grant

Summer Raven Scarf by Dorothy Grant


The history behind the art/legend

The Raven in NorthWest legends symbolizes creation, transformation, knowledge, prestige, as well as the complexity of nature and the subtlety of truth. He also expresses the unknown and shows that every person sees the world differently. The Raven was often called upon to clarify truths in visions, as the wise elders knew that what the eye sees is not always the truth.

The Raven is known as the messenger of the sky and famous for being a somewhat mischievous glutton. He’s always out to please himself and to have a good time. He’s very adventurous.

Material: Woven with Silk and Modal (rayon) Scarf.

Size: 88 in (Length) by 25 in (Width)

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