Keith Bell Biography & Art

Keith was born September 22 1967 to a Haida mother. He is from the Kit’tans eagle clan of Old Massett. Keith is an automobile mechanic. His first Haida artwork was done by sandblasting Japanese glass fishing floats with Haida designs. He started apprenticing with Haida artist Reggie Davidson in 2005 learning how to do wood carvings. He also has been taking art classes from well-known Haida artist Robert Davidson. Keith’s paintings on hand made drums are very well done and special. Keith hopes to start carving the black slate called argillite. One of the argillite carvers Martin Williams is one of his mentors. Keith likes to gather local food. He has two boys and one girl. Keith spends a lot of time looking in books at the old Haida artwork. He hopes to be able to do art full time in the future.