Fred Wilson Biography & Art

I was born October 18th 1983 in Queen Charlotte City on Haida Gwaii. My mom is Raven clan from the vilage of Skedans in South Moresby. I had four older brother and sisters and four younger brothers and sister. I graduated from George M. Dawson high school in Masset in 2001 with no problem. I was on the senior boys soccer team which had started in mid September and ended in November, out team came seventh that year. Now the main sport I play is basketball. After graduation I started to work on my dads carvings with him. I would shape the carvings out and do the inlays.Ater two months of that I got bored of carving and wanted to go back to school so one month later I was back in school in Vancouver. After that I did four original paintings for Sarah’s gallery and realized how much money was to be made and the joy my art brought to the people buying my art so I decided to start carving again and that was when I did my first argillite totem pole. I would then do several totem poles after the first along with argillite boxes, bowls. two rattles, plates, scuptures and so forth. I would say that getting back into carving was probalbly the best thing I could have done. I had got a lot of my inspriation from my brother Donnie. I had a lot of people to learn from, my dad taught me for the first year to year and a half. After that I had started to get little lesssons from piople like Ben Davidson, Christian White who helped me cut out my Raven cheief rattle and I got and still get help from my brother Donnie. I had four pieces in a art show at the Master Gallery in Calgary in May 2005. I had additional pieces in another show at the Masters Gallery in June 2008. I am featured in the book called Breathing Stone that was launched at that show.I took a metal carving class in Vancouver and now am carving gold and silver jewellery. I did my first limited edition silk screen in 2009 of a Raven. I would like to thank Sarah Hillis because if it wasn’t for her I most likely wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today.