Chris Russ Biography & Art

Chris Russ was born August 9th 1956 to Haida parents. His mother’s name is June and his father is the Hereditary Chief of Old Masset Reynold Russ. The Kincolth Nishga people adopted his grandmother. His clan crests are Wolf, Eagle and Killer whale.

Chris started carving in 1975 and is an accomplished argillite sculpture. He has sold his work all around the world to private collectors. In May 2005 he had one of his argillite sculptures in an argillite show at Masters Gallery in Calgary Alberta. He has learned from all the other argillite carvers and he has other family members who also carve the black slate called argillite. Many of his family members are also weavers.

I want to be recognized for my carvings and pass this knowledge on to my nephew. I am going to build a carving studio this coming year. I love to carve argillite. I enjoy walking and being with nature. I get most of my ideas from my spiritual connection to nature. I have two teenage children who keep us very busy. I also carve gold, silver, and a little wood, but I like carving argillite best. I am willing to try and fill any orders I get for carvings.