Alfred Davidson III Biography & Art

“My art explains how I feel about the different crests and how I feel inside about our culture. My ideas come to me when I am awake but I am in something similar to a dreams state. My art training was done in the traditional way of watching other artists work and then trying the techniques myself. Christian White, Cooper Wilson, Fred Davis, Vern Williams Jr. and Gene Davidson are among the artists I watched and learned from. The pictures of work done by the old masters inspires my work.”

Alfred belongs to the Raven clan, St’lang`laanas of Old Masset. His mother is Ann Davidson of old Masset. He is curently married and resides in Old Masset with his wife Cheryl. Alfred was born August 17 1964 and has been carving the black slate called argillite since 1995. His art has been exhibited in museums and galleries such as Haida Gwaii Museum a Qay’llnagaay, Rainbows Gallery in QC City, Sarah’s Haida Art and Jewellery in Old Massett, and the Prince Rupert Museum Shop in Prince rRupert. Alfred also does some wood carving. He works seasonally clam digging, in construction ¬†and at a local saw mill.